Dec 29, 2008

Just so happens...

"That you and your First Amendment can go shove yourselves." Or so I imagine Clearblogs saying to me as my annoyed gaze sweeps over the loathsomely neutral 404 that pops up where my old virtual journal used to be. For whatever reason, my original posts have been deleted. Maybe coz I referenced the word "poo-streaked". The 4chan link also seems like a good bet.

To be honest, I am a little relieved that the old blog is gone. For one thing, I don't ever really have to follow up on my post of web memes and virals. Or really adhere to the semblances of any theme whatsoever now that any evidence of my having ever been capable of such advanced levels of cognition have been conveniently erased FOREVERRRrrrrr. FORRRrEEEEEEvVVVEEERRRRR.

I guess its amusing...symbolic even, that all (yes, all 3 paragraphs. And believe you me, they were classy paragraphs) of my blog went down in flames when it did. In a couple of days, it'll be a brand new year. Time for a fresh start and a brand new direction. Time to focus on what really matters in life instead of posting whatever dregs manage to pass the content filters on google and ooze onto my screen when...ooh new metacafe video. I can see boobs from here!