Mar 1, 2009

Game: The Sequel

Annoying misconceptions II:
more quotes that deserve to be taken out back and ended

no. 2 "Iono what to do! That girl is so hot! I'm gonna go buy her a drink!"
no. 3 "Real players don't buy girls drinks!"

You might be thinking to yourself. "Dude...those quotes are like..........opposites....or something?
So one of them should be right....right?" WRONG. It all boils down to a question of application, and a good chunk of guys don't know when or how to buy a girl a drink.

During the timeline of any successful attraction, its a pretty good idea to start off by not broadcasting any kind of sycophantic attention or bending over backwards to meet her wants. That means not trying to buy a girl's attention or time. If you just met a girl, don't hold her purse. Don't buy her a drink. She isn't your friend and she isn't going to start liking you just coz you've demonstrated your ability to purchase beverages or serve as a coat rack. If she wants that kind of treatment she must earn it. Don't be a tool and demand a kiss or a date in exchange if you just met. Make it something fun and unusual. Any sort of game or qualifier will work well here.

So what's wrong with buying a girl a drink? So what if she didn't earn it? BECAUSE, if the girl is really attractive enough to be worth your time, she gets approached continuously. She gets drinks for free every night off chumps who have nothing else to offer. Not only will she assume that you're just as much of a loser as those other guys, she will probably just take your drink and then ignore you. In the end, you're really just digging your own grave.

Well, I take that back. This approach will work if:
a) she's there to get laid (rare)
b) she's drunk off her ass AND alone (more rare)
c) she's actually a he. From Thailand. (its already happened to you or someone you love)
d) all of the above (Jackpot!)

So what's my beef with quote no. 3. Having a strict: "If vaginas, then no drinks" mental script makes you a cheapskate, mid game. Of course, avoiding the tab isn't an insurmountable obstacle and you could work your way around it--make the girl pay for everything. Even after you start dating her, its doable. But that makes you a parasite, not a player. Cough up the $10 and get the girl something that tastes like corn syrup and tonic water, scrooge.

to be continued...